Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve and as I walked to my desk this little voice said, "Your heart is feeling light tonight."  

Don't know where the voice came from or how it knew but it is an apt description of how I feel this evening.

I have one last package to wrap.  Well and a box full of dog sweaters, harnesses and toys so I guess it's really two boxes that need wrapping.  And then it's time to snuggle up in new Jammie's and a Christmas movie and my favorite people. Honestly who could want more at Christmas time?

Not me.  So Mary, it's a short note.  But it is carrying wishes to you for a peaceful, happy Christmas spent with the ones you want to spend it with.  I would not be surprised if you were out in the world giving of yourself (and some coffee) to those who need you.  You've always been quiet about your generosity - an admirable trait indeed.  

Carry on and have a happy day.

Merry. Merry.  

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