Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hey! Hello!

It's been a busy day.  And a very good one at that.  

After a weeks' worth of angst over my still inoperable vehicle, I'm just offering that crap up to God.  He'll take care of it. 

Let the fun, family time begin.  Today Husband drove Miss Emily, myself and the two dogs up to (although they tell me it's down to) Kennebunck to meet Sis and Brotherinlaw.  I haven't seen them since her Halloween in July cookout and she's been a busy beaver having had a total knee replacement and the the requisite difficulties one in ten patients have.  She's a trooper though and is working hard at getting back on her feet and behind the wheel of the car.

When I inquired about how the drive to meet us was, she rolled her eyes rather dramatically, heaved a huge sigh and said, "I can't ride with him."  Ah but you did.  Silly me, I suggested on the return trip she close her eyes.  Sleep is not the goal.  Just not watching where he's going is.  I don't think she appreciated my suggestion.  But it is exactly what I did on the ride up and the ride home.  

Really Mary, when they arrived and got out of the car, I was a bit stunned at how old both of them look.  Being ten years older than I am I expect some more aging than myself, but with canes and grey hair and many more wrinkles than I recall, well.  What I could tell her was that although she has lost a lot of weight (and she's not me, she can't afford to) she looks good albeit a bit tired.  She is tired.  

I know we all worry about how we look and I try to resist the urge to tell someone they look great when they know they don't and I know they don't.  When someone has already told you they don't look good, don't lie.  Don't be brutally frank either. That's another little life lesson.  Being older the
re is a little wisdom.  Not much.  Just some.  And only about some things.  Mostly I'm a reckless live-er.  Know what I mean?

We had a quick lunch, exchanged the contents of our car trunks and I happily waved off our dead aunt's kitchen table and chairs that I have used for years and had put into retirement. Nice corner of space just opened up.  Now to fill it!

Uh-oh.  Dog urgency. Going to close here. 

Be Well.  Write soon.  Love your news.

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